Art is Subjective

Opened up the cabine and nothing beats the first glance of the year to see everything is the same as it was left last year.  In the wilds of Canada anything can happen and I am surrounded by tall pine trees.  I cut down most of the popular that could fall on it but you never know.  The pines are tall and sturdy but a bad storm and well……..

Thank the stars once again.

Is photography subjective?  Is it a craft?  I’ve been reading the trades and sometimes wonder what they mean by the title.  Some say break the rules.  But learn the rules first.  Some say be tack sharp.  but sometimes fuzzy is good.  I think it is in the eye of the beholder.  Please yourself first.  Cause you have to live with yourself a long time….


Some pics of the cabine.


About Patrick Bourke

Photographer, Musician, Composer
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