A Gallery Exhibit

I have an exhibit at the Stittsville Public Library called ” Sugaring Down.”  It is a collection of images from a Canadian Sugar Bush!  Nothing more Iconic than Maple Syrup.  I will post the photos in the Exhibit here.  I also hung a photo in the Goulbourn Recreational Complex in Stittsville for their bimonthly themed gallery “Metamorphosis.”

The images for the Library are here below:tap the eye taffy T&M

Early sunlight and smoke

Early sunlight and smoke

JB spyle one2 one1 ma leave Bright pano (1 of 1)-25 Bright pano (1 of 1)-12 Bright pano (1 of 1)-5 big dark

The Eye Of The World

The Eye Of The World


About Patrick Bourke

Photographer, Musician, Composer
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One Response to A Gallery Exhibit

  1. Becky Thompson says:

    Beautiful images of a passion that continues in your family!

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