Mist, Mystry & Lamentation…

Well it’s been a while since I posted so forgive my tardiness.  Sometimes there is much to do and little to say. I have retired from Kellys Barbershop.  Many thanks to Kelly for the space!  I have changed out the images at the Kingsway Health Centre for different ones.  I have an Exhibition at the Adobe tower at 343 Preston on a summer theme.I had two images selected by Jury for the Shenkman Centre Trinity Gallery for the “Selections” exhibition in September to October.  Of 321 submissions, 106 artists they had to choose 60 images.  So to have two make it was good.  So “Silverfish ” and “The Wishing Tree” below will be hanging.



The Wishing Tree

I’ve been contacted to do an Exhibition at the venerable Irene’s Pub on Bank street Ottawa.  More on that as it firms up.


I’m also submitting to the city to be paid to display work around the city for 2014.  I have had to rethink an artistic vision for they request a series of ten images within a theme.  It was challenging to go back and re-tool some of the images.  I decided on the theme “Mist Mystry and Lamentation.  Wilderness and longing within the Canadian Soul.”  I have tried to take images that evoke the relationship Canadians have with the wilderness and transformed them to an artistic rendition.  We will see how it goes ……..

Here are two renditions belowmist mist 9

I’ll post all ten if it’s so desired.


About Patrick Bourke

Photographer, Musician, Composer
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