Irene’s and Ireland

As a young boy my father told me the tale of Oisín in Tir na nÓg.   In the story Oisín meets Niamh of the Golden Hair who professes she loves him and takes him away to  Tir na nÓg, one of the Celtic otherworlds that was known as the land of the young..  After what seems to him to be three years Oisín decides to return to Ireland, but 300 years have passed there. Niamh gives him her white horse and warns him not to dismount, because if his feet touch the ground, those 300 years will catch up with him and he will become old and withered.  Later, while trying to help some men who were building a road his girth breaks and he falls to the ground, becoming an old man just as Niamh had forewarned.  This story was my first foray into the legends and mystery of the Emerald Isle. Ireland has always held a prominent place in my imagination to this day.

I have secured an exhibition at the iconic pub and restaurant Irene’s on Bank Street for the month of September.  The Exhibition is titled ” Emerald ” and is a collection of sculpted images gathered on my last trip to Ireland,the island my father is at his final rest.  These images are of the Emerald Isle in a way only I could see it.  I will post images as the date to the show opening nears.  There will be a ” Vernissage ” ( A fancy french word for Kitchen party!) held on the 4th of Sept from 7 pm till 9pm.  Come one ,come all and perhaps we could turn it into a Braeside Kitchen Party like the old days!  Below is the poster for the Exhibition.  Are you in?  Good!  See you there!





About Patrick Bourke

Photographer, Musician, Composer
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