Sugaring Down

Well I wish I could say we had a great year but this was not to be.  It was rather a disaster!  The season started a full 3 weeks early and over due to an extraordinary spring spell that brought the maples to bud very early in the season.  Too much heat in the day and the sap turns to feed the tree and jump-start the leaves.  We normally produce 50 gallons yet this year we managed twenty.  I was reading today that due to the fruit trees budding early in Ontario and a freezing snap of 7 below in mid April 80 percent of the fruit trees will not bear fruit this year.  A rough prospect for those who depend on fruit for their livelihood!  Spare a thought for the poor farmers…….. I managed a few good photos so will post some here!  Not a complete loss if your harvesting photos !

For 30 years we have been making maple sugar, a tradition passed down to us by our Father.  When the sun in the heat of March climbs above five degrees and falls to five below at night the time for making syrup is upon us!  The sun in the morning throwing shadows and the stoking of the fire and the day begins for the next twelve hours.  That’s what it takes to boil down about 100 gallons of sap to 2 and a half  gallons of syrup!  But you are outside the whole day playing in Gods green acres!  And the sugarbush is something to experience!  I will be uploading some short video clips shortly and will add more musings as I go along !


2 Responses to Sugaring Down

  1. Maggie says:

    Playing in God’s green acres. Nice. Do you keep a diary over the years. Are things changing with the change in climate. We live in the Yukon and some years we make birch syrup ..not quite the same but appreciate playing in God’s green acres.

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